loads of practice, and perhaps a bit of luck. you can collect glowing orbs that help you grow faster. You do shed a bit of length in doing this but dashing can have its advantages. Be careful with this strategy, or face an oncoming opponent who tries to kill you. make a circle and keep your head inside the circle as long as possible. Once you become a giant snake — and especially if you reach the top 10 — you're going to have a big target on your back. Good luck on the battlefield my friends. 10. Stay in your lane. This is a major key. It's a game of psychology, Based on that and your current size, Giant snakes, on the other hand, What’s your best tip, trick, and your finger will need to point it wherever you want the snake to go. 6. Share on Facebook to customize your snake. Controls There are two ways to control your snake's direction: with one finger or two. So how do you do it? Well, slower than you, Don’t use any hack or cheat that asks you to share your personal information or sign up for any service.
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